About Queen Latifah clothing

Looking for Queen Latifah’s clothing line?

There are many places you can buy the clothing that Queen Latifah wears. Tell us where you buy her clothing or clothes similar to what she wears and share with other visitors to this site. We want to know about your finds!

11 thoughts on “About Queen Latifah clothing”

  1. I recently watched the movie Beauty Shop and loved her wardrobe and was hoping to find similar clothes for my size 18 body!…please help me find classy, well styled clothes!

  2. Hello, I just heard about Queen Latifah clothing, I am so excited. I just love her as an actress & a person.
    Where can we buy the clothing and is it priced for normal people or movie stars?

    Thank you
    Happy New Year


  3. I would like to know the website for the clothing line of Ms. Latifah, I would like to purchase some of the clothing.

  4. Hi Queen it’s 11/14/13 and I heard that you had a clothing line on your show today… I swear I started jumping up and down! I did not know. Well just like I wanna be a plus size model and wish to be one of yours , I will make a purchase on your sight. I’ll make sure to Rock It !!! Love you twin.

  5. Is there a complete collection? Know that it will be a huge success, don’t tease us let us make you more popular. your a great inspiration and I’m 63.


  6. Where can I get the sweater that queen had on the Dec. 4 2013 show it looked to be kinda an army green with an extra layer of fabric /ruffle to one side. Very pretty. Thank you.

  7. I’m looking for Queen Latifah’s fashions, on-line or where i can purchase her fashions. She wore a bad(fly) black and tan bodycon dress on her show which aired Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013. I’m from New York City and would like to know where I buy her line. Oh! I’m a PLUS size woman.

    Thank you for your response.
    Roberta Ross

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