Queen Latifah and Curvation Clothing Line

Queen Latifah promotes Curvation clothing line.

Queen Latifah has many personas, and one of those is as the promoter of a clothing line for plus-size women, called Curvation. She began this clothing line so other women could enjoy the same high-quality clothing that she was able to wear, even though she did not fit the model of a perfect size. Throughout her career Queen Latifah has given plus-size women an example of how to look beautiful.

Queen Latifah and Plus-Size clothing line

Queen Latifah, the famous singer and model, promotes her own line of lingerie for plus-size women. She has stated in the past that she hopes she can give confidence to women who don’t fit the media’s definition of beautiful and instead be happy and comfortable in their bodies. To that end, she has been associated with the Curvations line of plus size intimate apparel, making promotional appearances and appearing in advertisements as well.

Queen Latifah Clothing

Queen Latifah promotes the Curvations brand of clothing
Queen Latifah has promoted the Curvations clothing line since 2002.

Queen Latifah has promoted the Curvations plus-size clothing line since 2002. Queen Latifah has continually shown that she has a love of good clothing, and looks good in it, despite not have a traditional models’ body. She has repeatedly said that she wants others to have the options she does for plus-size clothing.

Queen Latifah is involved in marketing and design of the Curvations plus-size clothing line which you can find in many stores.

Queen Latifah’s clothing line

Queen Latifah clothes laughing
Queen Latifah laughing



Queen Latifah launched a clothing line for plus-sized women just like her. Queen Latifah’s clothes company started with intimate apparel for plus-size women and expanded to daily wear for plus-sized women. Curvations is the name of the company and they are carried in clothing stores across the country. Queen Latifah always wears fashionable clothes and her Queen Latifah clothes line fits the style one of the most famous singers. If you always wanted to look like Queen Latifah when you dress, check out her clothes at a store near you.

Queen Latifah clothes and lingerie were made for curvacious bodies and have styles that fit you.