Lizard-embossed Leather Satchel from Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah clothing line
Queen Latifah Collection Lizard-embossed Leather Satchel

Queen Latifah debuted her spring clothing line and it included a variety of wearables, from casual to dressy.

One of the items that she introduced was a leather satchel handbag that comes in gray, taupe or black for $239.

This handbag is large enough to keep all of your things in and stylish enough to carry anywhere.


Here is the transcript of the video:

Queen Latifah: I just had to stop here and look at you when you put that bag on your shoulder. I just stopped and said she looks amazing. You look amazing.

Host: I love this bag. You can look even more amazing.

Queen Latifah: It looks so expensive.

Host: You know what? It’s only $239.

Queen Latifah: Only $239 but it’s amazing.

Host: This is your taupe, obviously. For those of us who love our neutrals, there is your taupe. We also have it available for you in gray and that is stunning. That’s going to be the one you wear all the time. And you also have it in black. There are only 200 of each.

Queen Latifah: Only 200 of each. This is special. This is a very, very special bag. Just beautiful. It looks so expensive. It looks so rich. Everyone knows the lizard print is really in. This is a special material. Lizard is in. But lizard if very exclusive. You  don’t see it typically. Gator is special too. They are all special, all of the animal skins. Lizard just has this gorgeous streaking that reminds you of the finest wood-grain almost. An amazing woodgrain just beautiful and natural and linear. With this beautiful gold chain. And it just feels…I hate to say I’m jingling baby, but, go ahead, baby. This bag will stand out.

Host: Yeah, it definitely will.

Queen Latifah: As soft and neutral as yours is it still has enough detail to really stand out and look special.

Host: It makes an impact right away. It makes your outfit. What woman doesn’t love handbags?

Queen Latifah: I mean it looks great. It looks great with your watch. It looks great with your cardigan. It’s the perfect bag that is elegant and classic and sexy. It looks fly. And it pops. It really stands out.

Host: Feet on the bottom. You have a zipper pocket right along the back or front, whichever you want to call it. The other side though is bare. I love that you can wear it either way. There is your inverted pleat. There is that top seam. You can see that these are very significant, substantial handles. Fewer than 200 of them available for your. They all come with a Queen Collection dustbag.



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