Queen Latifah and Curvation Clothing Line

Queen Latifah promotes Curvation clothing line.

Queen Latifah has many personas, and one of those is as the promoter of a clothing line for plus-size women, called Curvation. She began this clothing line so other women could enjoy the same high-quality clothing that she was able to wear, even though she did not fit the model of a perfect size. Throughout her career Queen Latifah has given plus-size women an example of how to look beautiful.

5 thoughts on “Queen Latifah and Curvation Clothing Line”

  1. I used to buy Curvations high thigh briefs that i just loved….sadly I can no longer find them anywhere. Can you help? PLEASE!! in 3x please

  2. I am Looking for the Curvation – Women’s Plus Body Shaper (5302000) I just Love, Love, Love Mine and I have been looking for more to buy but I can’t find it anywhere! could you tell me if you still sell that shaper..Thank You!

  3. Dear Queen Latifah
    I watch you everyday and love the clothes you wear, and can’t wait to see who’s on the show and what you are wearing. Please tell me what stores carry your clothing line. I am a 67 going on 68 black woman, but I love to look beautiful when I step out with my curves. I do not want to look like my grandmother back in the day, don’t get me wrong, she was the love of my life.
    Queen Latifah, please reply and give me the 411 on your clothing line. Your
    show is a must for everyone, of every age!

    Much love,

    Mama E

    Edith Jernigan

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