Queen Latifah and Plus-Size clothing line

Queen Latifah, the famous singer and model, promotes her own line of lingerie for plus-size women. She has stated in the past that she hopes she can give confidence to women who don’t fit the media’s definition of beautiful and instead be happy and comfortable in their bodies. To that end, she has been associated with the Curvations line of plus size intimate apparel, making promotional appearances and appearing in advertisements as well.

3 thoughts on “Queen Latifah and Plus-Size clothing line”

  1. I must say I love the style of clothing you wear. My friend and I are both plus size women. When we go shopping we have a difficult time to find fashionable clothing that will flatter the boths of us. We were watching one of you movies and we both love your beauty and how you are not afraid to show your curves. If you can help us find a clothing store that will define us and compliment us. We love ya Queen

  2. Need a dress design fo a girl with 4D breast,a little thick in the body,and I a 5’7. Age 18 need it for prom in 2013 please.

  3. First if all, LOVE YOU QWEEN!
    I love the look Queen wears on her talk show, the plus size blouses especially, winged arms. Where can I find them???

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