Queen Latifah Covergirl

Queen Latifah Covergirl Queen Latifah is one of the featured models for Covergirl makeup. Queen Latifah is prominently featured on their website along with several fantastic looks for the Queen. Queen Latifah really is beautiful and is the perfect choice for a Covergirl model because her face is so pretty and smooth. Her smile and eyes make the whole website light up.

Called the Covergirl Queen Collection, it includes foundation, lip color, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and more that comes in shades especially for women with colored skin. Covergirl highlights Queen’s look and shows you exactly how they created it.

There are two specific looks for Queen Latifah that are featured. One focuses more on her wonderful eyes (seen in the picture above) and the other on her lips, which are so perfectly placed on her face.

As a Covergirl model, Queen Latifah shows once again that she can do just about anything and look great doing it. She really is one of the most versatile women ever created. Music, movies, modeling, clothing, she can do it all.

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  1. I just love me some Queen Latifah. I wear her Cover Girl makeup,love it.Queen you ROCKS!!!I am sure you are beautiful inside as well as you are outside. Keep up the good work.

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