Zip-Front Hoodie with Pockets

Queen Latifah Hoodie

Queen Latifah has new clothing items for spring and one of them is this zip front hoodie with pockets. It comes in several different colors, including azaelea, black and sand, shown here.

Queen Latifah was on HSN to show off and talk about her new spring 2012 collection and introduce it for the first time.

You can watch the video of Queen Latifah and her new zip-front hoodie:

Here is the transcription of the video:

Host: I love this color. Look at this yummy color. This is a cool zip-front hoodie. It has pockets. It has a dolman sleeve. It has this soft, almost feels like a silk blend, it’s a cotton-rayon. Handwash. Extra-small through 3X. It comes in black, sand and turquoise are the three colors to choose from. It’s 28 inches long. Its another example: no bulk, really sleek, great for layering and really all-seasons. Another all-season piece. Right?

Queen Latifah: Yes. Absolutely. Beautiful color too.

Host: You have to feel these fabrics.

Queen Latifah: So comfortable. We had to revisit this idea because you know, just having a comfortable…you know, just me and my hoodies, what can I say? I love soft things. I love beautiful things. I’m in love with this color. I’m wearing this color, obviously. But it is just such a beautiful, beautiful color. And as we get closer to the spring what a beautiful color to have in your collection.

Host: Totally. Look at our girls. Again, these are the things…you know, it’s funny, if you bump into any of us on a daily basis backstage, these are the kind of clothes we wear. And then you put on your work clothes.

Queen Latifah: Right.

Host: These are the things, Do you know what I am talking about? I forget to buy things like this. I forget to buy the cute, casual things. I buy the beautiful dress that I’ll wear once, and then it sits in the closet for a few months and then I’ll wear it again. But these are the things that we really do have to have. That we either put off buying because you can’t find anything cute. You just forget about it. You just forget to buy things like this.

Queen Latifah: Just because you are going to the gym, doesn’t mean you don’t want to look cute. Just because you are going grocery shopping doesn’t mean you don’t want to look cute. Walking the dog. This is just that perfect soft hoodie that you can wear practically anywhere. If you just want to throw it over a tank top, you can. This is a great piece to have. It is casual, but it is chic.

Host: If you own leggings, or skinny jeans, these are the tops you need. Because you need things that are a little longer. You have slim on bottom, looser on the top. You don’t need the real tight thing on top when you have skinny on the bottom. So this balances you. It’s the perfect thing to have. And it is like you said, you live in pieces like this.

We are off to the phones. [phone caller]

Host: If you love the poncho, you will love this. There is something about a dolman sleeve. Love that sleeve.

Queen Latifah: Love the dolman sleeve. Love the stitching on the back. Look at that.

Host: Soft little hood. You love the hood, don’t you?

Queen Latifah: I do. Just look how it lays on me. I mean, this is me on an airplane. If I get off I feel comfortable, if my hair is a little dis-sheveled of course I can throw on the hoodie. But really it is just a gorgeous piece of material. It feels really soft on the skin. It can get warm in here, but this feels cool to the touch. And great for layering. This is a great layering pice.

Host: That is an excellent point. And if you do get hot, some tops, some sweaters, some cardigans, some hoodies, are hot. Most of us do not want to be wearing hot clothing. You look hot, but you are cool as a cucumber. Look at how cute our girls look.


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